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MusicLink Legacy Partners are an extraordinary group of businesses and individuals committed

to the Foundation’s mission of creating musicians one student at a time. The MusicLink Foundation

recruits and coordinates professional music teachers across the nation who offer their time

and expertise at a very low cost to promising students in need.

MusicLink Legacy Partners recognize the unique value of music and its inherent positive impact on

the life of a child. Their ongoing support will create a catalyst that insures MusicLink’s future growth.

We invite you to become part of this innovative group whose commitment and generosity creates the

next generation of outstanding musicians. Fill out the Legacy Partner Form or simply donate.

Current Encore Level Legacy Partners

($10,000 and above)

Current Bravo Level Legacy Partners

($5,000 - $9,999)

William & Joanne Haroutounian

MusicLink Board of Directors

MusicLink Legacy Partners


  • Prominently recognized on MusicLink (ML) letterhead and Foundation communications

  • Legacy Partners are given access to ML business partners

  • Corporate logo placements

    • ML website

    • eLink Newsletter

    • collaterals/brochures

    • Select event invitations

    • ML Student Playathon awards

  • Partners are invited to submit a video tribute for the ML website

  • Legacy Partners may post special business offers on the ML website

  • Partners are provided access to ML speakers for meetings/events

  • ML Student Performance at Legacy Partner sponsored event

Sponsorship Opportunities for Legacy Partners:

• MusicLink student performance tours or appearances

• MusicLink camp scholarships

• Awarding a college scholarship for graduating seniors

Bill and Brigid Brakefield

Louise P. Zanar Fund

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