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Our MusicLink Business Partners support MusicLink programs across the country. They may offer scholarship lessons, music and instrument discounts, use of space for recitals and meetings, free or discount instrument rentals, fund-raising assistance and other incentives to support local MusicLink programs.

Each MusicLink Business Partner may request a plaque recognizing their support of the program. 


Promise to Practice is a fund raising opportunity for your students and also a great way to get them to practice!  Students "promise to practice" a certain number of hours prior to a performance.  They collect pledges from friends and family of so many dollars per hour of practice.  Students record practice hours in a chart and rewards are given for achieving their practice goals.


Playathons can be organized by any group interested in having “kids help kids” through music.  Funds are used to support the growth of state and local programs, provide camp scholarships and assist students as needed with music, instruments, and event fees.

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